We are pleased to be able to offer our divers and customers exceptional amenities which qualify us as one of the best dive shops on Boracay Island.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Two modern classrooms
  • Multi-lingual Instructors
  • Multi-language teaching materials
  • A large outrigger boat with toilet facilities
  • 20 complete sets of quality dive equipment
  • Three Bauer compressors, one Lenhard & Wagner compressor
  • Two blending stations for Nitrox and Tri-Mix
  • 110 aluminium diving tanks from 7 to 15 litres volume
  • 2 DAN emergency units
  • Underwater photo equipment
  • Equipment repair room – free service
  • Internet, telephone and fax services


  • We always dive in small groups
  • If you’re a little afraid, we’ll hold your hand
  • Special attention is paid to novice divers
  • We point out to you speciality marine life
  • Special arrangement for underwater photographers/filming:
    • e.g. separate boat and guide or extra spare tank
  • Professionally edited, personal video of your dive(s)
  • We like children and can provide care for your kids while you’re diving
  • We organise and book your accommodation according to your preferences
  • We provide a pick-up service if your accommodation is far from the dive shop
  • Professional repair service for all common brands of your diving equipment – free of charge!
  • Airline tickets – booking, reconfirmation and re-booking. We pay your domestic flights in advance without extra charge!
  • Instant medical care is provided when needed
  • WiFi available in the Victory Beach Resort rooms, dive shop, bar and restaurant
  • Telephone, fax and email services

And the really good news:
Lowest prices on the island for Nitrox tanks! Please inquire!