victor_pictureIn 1986, a German traveller with a dream stepped foot for the first time, onto the pristine, unspoilt shores of Boracay Island.

Having spent three years avidly exploring the Philippine archipelago, PADI Master Instructor (100980) Victor Ocskai, from Munich, decided to settle on the tiny, largely unexploited Boracay Island, where he played a major role in establishing the first dive shop.

Over his five-year leadership, and with his true passion for Boracay and her surrounding waters, he was instrumental in setting the diving community standard across the island.

In 1992, Victor decided to branch out and Victory Divers Boracay was born. Over the course of several years, using high-tech equipment, such as a 3D echo-sounder (depth-sounder) and Global Positioning System (GPS), the Victory Divers Team systematically surveyed Boracay’s surrounding waters and explored the reefs hugging the nearby islands. The team successfully discovered pristine dive sites, abundant with unusual marine life and stunning corals, and charted previously unexplored sub-marine territories.

Since the beginning, we’ve tirelessly worked in marine conservation and have actioned the deployment of anchor buoys, the prohibition of spear-fishing, and implemented a general ban on coral and mollusk collection. These achievements are just some of the successes on which we at Victory Divers pride ourselves.

Today, located in the heart of vibrant Station 2, Victory Divers is one of the most successful and professional diving facilities in the Philippines. Delighted to welcome divers and wannabe divers from all over the globe, our seven Instructors can offer courses in English, German, Filipino, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.